7 Trustworthy CBD based brands of the Year that are Worth Trying

Updated on: Jan 07, 2022

Let's break the stigma around the Hemp products in India with the best Cannabis Brands.

Best Cannabis Brands in India - Breaking the Stigma Around Hemp Products

The speculation and taboo surrounding cannabis overlook the immense benefits of the “trillion-dollar crop." The medical fraternity is still working on extrapolating the complete list of perks in introducing these products to everyday routine.

While the hemp market in India is still in its infancy, there are a few brands that have succeeded in normalizing the use of weed – for healthcare, skincare, and apparel.

Let's look at a few renowned CBD-based brands that will play a humungous role in improving hemp awareness and unfolding the emerging opportunities with the magic herb.

How did we narrow down the brands?

When we whittled the long list of CBD brands to bring the best for you, we looked at each brand product to understand –

  1. Hemp Sources

  2. Company’s manufacturing facilities and check if they meet the required guidelines.

  3. Whether they hold full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate products.

  4. THC levels of the final products.

  5. Whether the company facilitates third-party testing facilities.

  6. Transparency of product ingredients on the website.

  7. The brand’s overall reputation.

  8. Dosage and Usage instructions.


CBD Brand - CannaMeds

Cannameds is the CBD-focused medical brand based in Tamil Nadu brings the best products to treat several degrees of ailments, acute and chronic.

Founded with a mission to craft top-shelf CBD products, the products are formulated with the strict company and industry-recommended standards.

The product line holds varying strengths in different forms that are easy to consume – CBD gummies, tinctures, balms, pet-specific products, edibles, ayurvedic medicines, and treatment products for diseases.

With a deep focus on bringing natural, non-traditional medicines built with the highest standards, Cannameds have established themselves as a frontrunner in the CBD industry.

Check their products and derive maximum benefits from the relics of nature with zero side effects here.

Key Highlights of Cannameds

  • Honestly labeled, Independent Third-Party US Lab Test Certificate.

  • Provides Prescription-based Hemp Products.

  • Detailed storage, warning, and usage details.

  • Transparent ingredient listing across products.

  • Impressive offers and discounts for regular customers.

  • Product-focus on medicinal, health benefits.


CBD Brand - Magiccann

Magiccann is known for its highest grade hemp products

The brand’s mission is to normalize weed usage by educating and engaging the CBD community about the beneficial properties of organic hemp products.

 Magiccann believes that the healing power locked inside the safe, natural, and effective cannabinoids in the hemp plant will play a key role in lowering the risks of diseases while promoting general health and wellness.

The company seeks to stop the imbalances in traditional medicine courses by unleashing the power of natural, organic supplements to lead a healthy mental and physical life.

With a stellar team to overlook the process in innate detail, third-party certifications to back the products, pesticide-free, sustainable products that accentuate the conditions effectively,

Magiccann brings back the Ayurvedic way of life in a pocket-friendly manner.

Key Highlights of Magiccann

  • Expert Advised Extraction Process

  • Full Disclosure of Product Ingredients

  • Non-GMO, Sustainable, Pesticide-free Hemp Cultivation

  • Ayush Certified Products are supervised under Narcotic Control

  • Localized Production

  • Third-Party Certification for Quality Assurance

Boheco Life

CBD Brand - Boheco Life Logo

Boheco Life is a brand incorporated in 2013 with a mission to bring hemp into the lives of urban culture.

They believe that the modern-day miracle can play a catalytic role in improving everyday lives and environmental conditions.

The two brands under Beheco Life – Himalayan Hemp Nutrition and CannaReleaf have different product lines, both of which revolve around cannabis.

While the Himalayan Hemp Nutrition brings health supplements in the form of hemp seeds, capsules, and oil, CannaReleaf addresses the medical benefits of CBD. They also have a distinct line of products for personal care and lifestyle.

Key highlights of Boheco Life

  • Provides Prescription based Hemp products

  • Allows you to take online consultation with partnered ayurvedic portal

  • Fair listing of product composition

  • Provides recommended dosage, directions, and instructions

India Hemp Organics

CBD Brand - India Hemp Organics Logo

India Hemp Organics (IHO) was founded in 2020 by a trekker duo to recreate and reimagine the way Cannabis is perceived and consumed in India.

They believe that hemp is a wonder crop to hold the power of improving health and wellness holistically.

While the source of the hemp is from the foothills of the Himalayas, the products are sourced in small batches to ensure maximum benefits.

The product lines in IHO can be classified based on their consumption – Oral, Topical, and Edibles.

The brand also provides recommended recipes for incorporating CBD into everyday lives.

Key Highlights of India Hemp Organics

  • Provides Prescription based Hemp products

  • Allows you to take virtual appointments upon filling a detailed consultation form

  • Provides recommended dosage, guidelines, and instructions

  • Lists various recipes to incorporate hemp into the routine

The Health Horizons

CBD Brand - The Health Horizons Logo

Health Horizons is the Noida-based cannabis startup founded in 2017 wants to bring back the ancient knowledge of cannabis to provide improved techniques in everyday medicines.

They also operate on both B2B and B2C models, providing contract manufacturing for leading hemp brands in the country.

To create the most excellent hemp products, the brand also has an eye on sustainability. Their flavored hemp products for nutrition and personal care have proved to be a hit among consumers.

Key highlights about Health Horizon

  • Zero-waste, carbon-negative product line

  • Contract manufacturer of 80% of hemp brands in India

  • GMP certified USFDA approved hemp seed processing

  • Bulk order purchase availability

  • Provides recipes to use hemp products in routine


CBD Brand - Hempstrol

Hempstrol is focused on developing premium quality therapeutic hemp products to assist individuals.

The product line holds full-spectrum CBD products in various formats – gels, tincture, oil, and balm. Their natural hemp aromatherapy also helps in reducing menstrual cramps in women.

With well-detailed product listings, virtual medical consultation, and socially conscious programs, they develop organic and modern hemp products on a global scale and ensure local availability.

  • Medical Consultation

  • Transparent Product Listing

  • Social Conscious Programs to assist the distressed

  • Third-Party Testing

  • Direct association with US Hemp growers

India Hemp and Co.

India Hemp and Co

India Hemp and Co. Started by two sisters who are nature lovers, they observed how hemp was an active part of everyday life for many locals in the foothills.

Their mission is to demystify the plant and bring nutritious goodness from the hills.

The sustainable packaging and super food in their product line are natural, vegan, and gluten-free sources of plant protein.

The products hold a mixture of various nutty seeds to add as a great addition to salads!

They also have options for hemp-based pet products.

  • Focuses on providing health-conscious hemp products

  • Provides nutritional chart for products

  • Holds a recipe page to include hemp products into the routine diet

The options in the booming CBD market are intense, and it is essential to suit a brand that suits your requirement. The key to reaping maximum benefits is to do your due diligence and purchase CBD products from the best possible brand.

The brands discussed in the article are a great place to start!

If you are considering CBD for chronic pain, it is advised to consult with your doctor to determine a safe dosage to begin your hemp journey.

The benefits that come with integrating CBD in your regime are immense – do your research and let nature empower you!