About Us: 

The word ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana’ immediately makes us relate to addiction. When we started Cannameds, we wanted to break the common misconception where cannabis is not only used for recreation but also for therapeutic purposes. Cannabis has always been in our spiritual and medicinal culture as it is one of the five essential plants mentioned in the ancient scriptures of Veda. The education and awareness among people of India about this plant have taken a hit after various stigma around the world. India allows marijuana for Industrial, medicinal and legal use under state supervision. We at Cannameds are happy to bring you the umpteen advantages of this superior plant. 

Medicinal Chemicals in Cannabis: 

The main chemical THC – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is considered to be the drug that soothes and stimulates the brain receptors that aid in reduced pain, inflammation and increased appetite. Drugs made of THC is highly used in treating cancer chemotherapy and AIDS patients to help them eat and sleep better without pain. THC-based medications are FDA approved and are issues in the form of pills. 

The second chemical is CBD – Cannabidiol, derived from hemp seeds, possesses numerous health benefits and is less impeding and ecstatic than THC, making it more desirable in cannabis medicine preparation. CBD treats seizure disorders, childhood epilepsy, nausea, migraine and other chronic diseases. CBD is used in the form of oil and powders.

The main key in cannabis medicinal preparation is using these chemical extracts from the plant rather than the crude plant itself. And we at Cannameds ensure that all our medicines go through tedious approval and quality check process in order to enhance the betterment of the therapeutic purpose of marijuana and help people holistically. 

Cannameds’s High Intent: 

Cannameds, a home-grown Indian brand curates the best of the cannabis medicines and self-care products deep-rooted with our Ayurveda and tradition. From hemp seed products to CBS oils, we got you covered through your positive wellness journey. 

Our Online Shop has revolutionized and empowered small business owners to promote and sell their products under one roof, reach out to patients and people in need all over the world. We help society in discovering the medicinal properties of cannabis through our profound articles, product knowledge, omnichannel marketing and much more. 

As a licensed cannabis medicinal products site, Cannameds promotes a community that helps in identifying and spreading the goodness of therapeutic properties of cannabis. We are both retailer and customer-centric making us the bridge between them and serve the community better through our dedicated services. 

How to order? 

We are present in Google Playstore and App Store for your convenience! Download the app, sign up, upload your prescription from the doctor, choose your products, add to cart, checkout and voila, it is done. 

Now sit back and relax, while we process your order and deliver them to your doorstep at a minimal time. 

Alternately, you can also order via our website following the same process. 

What’s more, our doctor is always just a call away for your consultations and our support team backs you up with all your queries 24/7. Cannameds streamlined process helps you in recovering soon with the right medicines and products. 

Happy Wellness Journey! 

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